Jack the Ripper Slots

Are you his next victim? Are you cunning enough to avoid the nasty paws of Jack the Ripper? Can you get away from the dark shadows and from Jack as he waits to pounce on his next unwary victim? Are you capable of finding treasures amid death and danger? Have you got what it take to challenge Jack the Ripper in Jack the Ripper Slots and find the treasure which awaits you in this thickening plot?

In Jack the Ripper Slots there is danger and risk all around you and you have to be prepared to take the challenge by the horns in order to make lots of winnings. Are you gutsy enough to dare? Those of you who dare are destined for great treasures waiting to be plucked from the dark labyrinth of Jack the Ripper’s world.

In Jack the Ripper Slots there are 5 reels and 25 pay lines, free spins, slasher wilds and a randomly triggered jackpot of over $1000. You can randomly win the progressive jackpot at any time during the game. Progressive jackpots can pop up at any given time and these will increase your winnings dramatically! The more games you play the more chances you have of winning the progressive jackpot. In Jack the Ripper Slots the progressive jackpot can be triggered at any random time during play. So what are you waiting for?

In Jack the Ripper Slots you can play from a minimum of 1 cent to a maximum of $5 betting from 25 cents to $125 credits per game. You can play from 1 to 25 lines. The more lines you play the more you will be rewarded.

You can play this game for fun money in order to practise Jack the Ripper Slots and gain experience in this game. When you feel that you are confident enough to try your luck, you can then switch to real money. This will build up your confidence and give you more time to relax and play Jack the Ripper Slots with confidence.

The Wild symbol in the game is the Jack the Ripper symbol and it is the substitution symbol for most of the symbols in this game. It will replace all symbols except for the Jack the Ripper logo. When the Jack the Ripper symbol appears on all 5 reels it increases your chances of winning. The paying symbol is the wild and it awards the highest pay out of 2000 coins when 5 symbols land on a pay line.

Jack the Ripper logo symbol is the Jack the Ripper Slot Scatter symbol and it will help to trigger the game’s bonus feature. The scatter symbol also triggers the bonus feature. The bonus feature pays out from any position on the reels and pays according to your total wager and resulting multiplier according to the number of scatters present.

Jack the Ripper Slots Slashes Feature is triggered when three or more logo scatters land on the reels in any position. This is your ticket to winning five free games. You will realise that something big is in the air because the music and sound effects will turn up the volume and the speed and this will immediately alert you that something grand is about to happen. During the free spins, Jack the Ripper appears and slashes up to 15 symbols. These symbols are turned into additional Wilds. After the slashing, that is when the winning and all the excitement begins. Now you can start to count your winnings and add more and more according to how many times you can hit Jack the Ripper.

Jack the Ripper Slots is a game of luck. In order to see results and win big you need to have patience and play for an extended period of time. It is important that you put aside an amount of money to play with and not to go over that amount. When you have played it all, that is your limit, do not bring out any extra money. This way you can control how much to play and know your limitations. Know when to stop. When the fun stops – stop! Stopping at the right time can make a difference between having fun and losing money by going over your limit.

So what are you waiting for? Start playing Jack the Ripper Slots today and try for free spins or the random progressive jackpot. Hide in the dark corners and get away from Jack the Ripper as you solve the crimes ahead and take a large part of the winnings in the process. Have yourself one great rewarding and exciting adventure. One thing is for sure – this game will never go out of fashion and will definitely never be dull! Are you ready to take on the challenge?